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twik AI-powered Personalization Automation platform converts more shoppers to buyers
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twik - Your Own Personal Sales Machine!

Increase Your Add-To-Cart

Twik increases all marketing funnel steps on your store automatically: clicks, add-to-cart, checkout and purchases as well as add to wishlist, newsletter submissions and leads. twik reduces your bounce rates and cart abandonment rate.

Personalize Menus & Products

Twik fits all your products catalogs and navigation menus to each visitor's intent automatically so they will find what they're looking for instantly and have a higher probability to buy and buy more. Visitors will see their local currency and your store's UI, UX and CX will improve tremendously.

Boost Sales & Revenues

Twik boosts your store's conversions and engagements with Booster Plug&Play apps. Our engines are full GDPR/CCPA compliant (with no-cookies), work in real time, and doesn't require any coding skills nor connection to 3rd party systems.

Add Millions of Different Variations to Your Store in 1-Click

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Automatic Personalization

twik conversion-machine increases the number of buyers in your e-commerce store by automatically and anonymously personalizing your products catalogs and navigation menus. twik assists in up-sales and cross-sales to increase your store's revenue.
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Plug & Play Sales Boosters

twik tailors sales boosters in your store automatically so visitors will have an easier-quicker-better CX (Customer Experience) journey and reduce cart abandonment rates.
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1-Click setup

Get started in a 1-Click, no configuration needed, no coding skills needed, full GDPR/CCPA/ICO compliant (not using/collecting/writing cookies) and runs in real time. No 3rd party systems integration needed and runs immediately.
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ROI > 1

Over 1000 Shopify e-commerce stores is all verticals experience a positive Return on Investment (ROI) w/ twik non-intrusive personalization automation platform.

Join over 1,500 stores worldwide including Shopify Staff Picks

Revenue uplift
41K sessions
Revenue uplift
500K sessions
Revenue uplift
47K sessions

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We installed this app to help users navigate through our store. The results are amazing with a substantial increase in sales. Nice job!
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twik Solutions to Drive More Growth and Revenue

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Automated Personalization

Boost Sales & Increase Revenue using Automated Personalization
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Sticky Add-To-Cart

Make all your important Call-to-Action buttons stand out and convert more
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Currency Localization

Auto convert all currencies to your visitors' currency to their local currency to convert more visitors into shoppers.
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Search Enhancement

Improve your visitors searches to find what they are looking at faster
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UX Bundle

Upgrade your store and enhance its user experience with multiple sale boosters.

Over $1,000,000 in Sales and Upsell Revenue MoM. Boost Your Shopify Sales & Revenue Now

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Twik Personalization
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