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By Twik
twik automatically converts all your store's currencies to your local visitors' currency so they understand what price they pay and convert more into shoppers.
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Automatic Price Localization

Automatically displays product price tags at different currencies matching the user's geo-location in realtime.

Customized Currency Switcher

Displays a customized currency switch at the bottom of your store so visitors will have an even more currency view.

Round Up Prices

Round prices or add a decimal .99 to localized prices.

About Currency Localization

With twik automatic currency converter you can personalize your currencies so each visitor will see the currency according to her own location and to convert more visitors to buyers. Speaking in your visitors’ language and currency increases sales and reduces churn and cart abandonment. Try Twik currency conversion app today - you have a free trial.

TWIK Currency Localization
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Absolute game changer. This app is just fantastic. Not just for personalized recommendations to clients, but it's also has other great features like currency convertor, funnel analytics and more. I am loving this app! Thank you for such a great app and excellent sales service.
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Love this. Been on my site for a few weeks and already seeing results. Really worth while installing and after sales service is brilliant. Well done for a great app!
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Awesome app. Easy to install and great after sales service. Definately seeing improvement and its great to offer my clients a personalized service

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Currency Localization
Review star 5.0 (11 reviews)